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I didn't need to hear the President challenge me to become a better student, or to graduate, or to go to college, or to succeed after college.

I didn't need inspiration from the President.

When are parents going to take responsibility for the growth of their children? I know everyone is different, and we all have our own drives and passions, but quite frankly, I am growing tired of people not taking responsibility for themselves to the point that the government feels they HAVE to get involved.

I saw a news clip this evening, and they interviewed an African American woman (here in Dallas) who thought the speech was great, and thought those who opposed were being ignorant.

Forgive me to profiling/stereotyping, but she was wearing a camouflage hat crooked, a t-shirt with holes, and daisy duke-like jean shorts. And although she could be a terrific parent and very involved with her children, there are literally ten's of thousands of women in Dallas who are not. If you are a parent, and you only NOW realize that your children's education is important, then it upsets me that you are in the gene pool. If you can't instill how important school is to your child to the point where they themselves want to succeed, then this country is in MASSIVE trouble.

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