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Bryhn you're not in education so of course you don't care
I never said I don't care.
If I didn't care, I wouldn't be paying attention to what is going on in the first place.
I am in education.. the education of my children.

"Are we able to do what the president is asking of us?"
"How does the president inspire us?"
Regardless of the content of the speech, these questions are not appropriate.

Yeah I hope it inspires them that's the whole bloody effin point.
I hope it inspires them as well. I listened to the speech. He said a lot of great things. I hope it does inspire them to have responsibility, and not to look to others for their well being. His speech echoed what our founding fathers said many years ago. I hope it does inspire them to go to school and provide for themselves. I hope they grow up to depend on themselves and not their government. Too bad his ideologies don't agree with his own speech.
Is our defense that good? I think so. And the scary part is that the whole team seems to take a sadistic pride in shutting people down. What is Pop feeding them? They looked brainwashed out there, a single minded machine that just eats up their opponents. -----pjrfan
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