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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
Yea, I'm not too worried about the QB/TE position but, my Def worries me a little bit. Hopefully they'll pan out. Ya never really know what's gonna happen in FFB. I think I took a big gamble on DMC (took him in 4th) but I recovered nicely by getting P.Thomas in the 6th rd
(don't know how he fell that far down). The elite TE went fast (3,4,5 rds) So, I figured I would stack up on other positions and sit happy with Dainels (8th rd)/Fasano (12 rd)!
I agree you're fine at QB/TE. But, hey, if you hit a home run with a couple of your RBs you might be able to upgrade. You never really know about defense until the season gets going. But alot of times you can get a better DEF as a throw-in to another trade. Good luck.
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