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Bryhn you're not in education so of course you don't care. Open ended questions are the model for higher level thinking, and even if the questions were offensive to Conservatives the attempt was to engage higher level thinking. The actual text of the speech didn't change at all either. I mean look at the citation of the questions that went out:

"What is the president trying to tell me?"
"What new ideas is the president challnging me about?"
"Does the speech make you want to do anything?"
"Are we able to do what the president is asking of us?"
"How does the president inspire us?"

Yeah I hope it inspires them that's the whole bloody effin point. As for the k-6 texts it doesn't ask you to read books about Obama, it asks to read books about allthe presidents. Assignments include posters of their goals. Oooh, scary. Interview and share about goals with one another. Ask them to participate in the Education Department's video contest. Write about their goals in a variety of genres, create artistic projects oriented around their goals... The only remotely negative suggestion is the one about asking how kids can support Obama, and again it's the teacher's discretion to decide what to to include out of a suggestion list that has enough projects to fill a few weeks worth of class time.

As for my personal opinion of the speech... Yes the speech was great it's nice to have a black man in office who says that you can't hang your hat on sports or rapping. That means a lot to a school that services essentially poor black students.

I'm done.
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