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Originally Posted by X-Wing View Post
Looking for some advice:

I have an offer on the table to give Gates/SSmith(NYG)/Henry to get Taylor/JCharles/Burleson.

The rationale:

-My lineup is stacked, time to get conservative and add strategic depth.
The scoring places a premium on RB and QB and WR much less so, so I want to solidify those positions first.

-Hate to give up Gates, but without a mandatory TE, he really is just one of many targets in SD. Besides I think Mason/Carlson are OK at WR3.

-Burleson/Henry is kind of a wash in fairly similar circumstances.

-JCharles is a trade piece for the Grant\Orton owner who also has LJ. I am looking to acquire Grant\Orton for Pierre\Charles as I currently have no backup QB.

- I may be dropping SSmith (NYG) anyways for someone with more upside.

- Winslow is available off waivers.
I think there is a lot more value in henry than in burleson. The Pierre for grant trade is a fair trade.... Granted Thomas stays healthy, he should have a monster year in that offense, 3 back rotation or not.
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