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Originally Posted by X-Wing View Post
Just swung my first deal of the season:

Gave away Wells,Palmer,Raiders
Got back Greg Jennings, Titans

My starters:
1 QB: Peyton Manning
2 RB: ADP, Pierre Thomas (bench:Moreno,D.Brown)
3 WR/TE: Jennings, Bowe, Gates (bench: DMason, SSmith NYG, JCarlson)
1 DEF: Titans
1 K: K.Brown

That guy either has to have Luke mccown as his starting qb, or he is a total moron.... Why give away a top defense and top 8 reciever for an injury prone qb witha sorry offensive line, a rookie running back who is currently a backup and a defense that is already in shambles..... Great trade for you..
I'll never leave Spurs report... Even though Choppsboy is what comes out of a horse's ass.

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