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Here’s my top 10 WR for the 09’ Season.

Tier 1

1. Andre Johnson- I’d choose A.J. over Fitz because a lot of the damage that Fitz did last yr was while Boldin was injured (6 of Fitz TD while Boldin was hurt). You know what your gonna get with A.J. every single game…….as long as he stays healthy.

2. Fitz- Most people have Fitz #1 and A.J. # 2. I still think Fitz is going to have a killer season but, I would take A.J. first. You really can’t go wrong with either pick IMO.

3. R. Moss- With Tom Brady back and the addition of Joey Galloway. Look for Moss to have another killer season.

4. Calvin Johnson- We all know he’s a stud……what we don’t know is how the O-line will hold up protecting the rookie QB. That’s my only concern with drafting C. Johnson…….the QB situation.

Tier 2

5. Steve Smith- Has been kinda quiet the past few season but, still should have a solid campaign for 09’. Only concern is injury.

6. Reggie Wayne- Always has a solid season and you never really here of him making headlines. Almost guaranteed to get you at least 75 yds per game and a TD. Should be solid again this yr.

7. Roddey White- He exploded on to the scene last yr. Defenses will probably keep a better eye on him this yr but, the addition of T. Gonzales only helps his case.

8. Greg Jennings-Can’t go wrong here. Not flashy but very productive. A. Rodgers should only be better in his 2nd yr. as the starter and his favorite target in the red zone is Jennings.

9. Marques Colston- Colston and Brees already look like they’re in mid-season form. Could have a top 3 type of yr if he stays healthy.

10. A. Bolding- I actually think he could produce better points than Fitz if he stays healthy. Only time will tell.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these WR's. Should be able to pick up two of the top 10 in the first 4 rds if you draft right!
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