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McAllister wins 4-1. Going to the national championship.

McAllister wins 4-1. Going to the national championship.
By Lorne Chan on Aug 26, 09 08:47 PM
Sports writer Lorne Chan follows San Antonio's own McAllister Park team in their quest to win the Little League World Series.

Steven Cardone gets one out before hitting his pitch count, then John Shull comes in and finishes the job.

Cardone goes 5 1/3 and only allows one run.
The top three in the order, Nick Smisek, Drew Brooks and John Shull go 5 for 6.

In case you were wondering..

Harrisburg is the closest airport to fly in to, about 90 minutes away from South Williamsport. After that, it's Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

The players' families are staying at the Genetti Hotel, along with the families of Chula Vista, Calif. So it might be tough to get a room.

Your press corps (photographer Jerry Lara and I) are at the quaint White Deer motel off route 15 along with Zach Morrow's grandparents.

Live, from South Williamsport

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