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Originally Posted by X-Wing View Post
Yes, both our teams are a little shakier at QB, but that was somewhat intentional. An early QB rush let us build strength and get good values at RB and WR. We each took our QBs in the 7th round. I actually like Garrard as a backup. Jacksonville should be better with a healthy O-line this year, and short tosses to MJD. Schaub also has injury concerns. I took a flier on Favre for name value, potential upside, and a great schedule this year. Regardless, in a 10 team league there are usually decent scraps in the free agent pool. Right now, Shaun Hill, Delhomme, and Flacco are available.
I think Schaub is a very solid starter and could easily be a top 5 QB (if healthy) this yr. Shaun Hill is a steal for a back-up QB...IMO...heck I got him in the 18th RD of my draft. He will be a great filler and they have a favorable schedule this year. Palmer is more name value. I personally wouldn't draft him b/c he plays Pitt/Bal twice a yr. But, you should be able to get some good value from him in a trade......something like Palmer and one the low end RB/WR (Wells/Jones/Chambers) for somebody a little bit more solid (Rodgers, Rivers, McNabb, Romo?) I'm sure someone will take the bait. Garrard is a solid starter as well, not flashy but a solid starter that won't make many mistakes.
I think he's going to be a star. And as time goes on, he'll be the face of the Spurs, I think.--- Coach Pop on Leonard
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