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Michael Jackson Still Alive At Coroner's Office?

Video purports to show Jackson exit coroner vehicle

A video floating around the Internet claiming to show Michael Jackson 'still alive' is creating a bit of a stir. A description posted by user 'LosAngelesCot24' on reads 'this video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner. I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in.'

The user claims to have obtained the video from a 'trustworthy source' but there's nothing to suggest the person exiting the coroner's vehicle is Michael Jackson and there is no time stamp on the video. Though 'LosAngelesCot24' offers the assurance 'it´s real and Michael is alive' it's almost certainly unrelated to the Jackson case. Still, videos like this are sure to fuel the conspiracy theorists who suggest the King of Pop is still alive.

Michael Jackson Still Alive At Coroner's Office? --

See video here:

MJ Alive? Someone Wants You To Think So |

All I have to say is.. These guys did a better job of faking the video than these guys did of faking these photos:

3am: Michael Jackson photographed alive and well in London? How can this be?
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