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SR ** Annual** Fantasy Football Thread

Alright kids, it’s that time again! That’s right, it’s football season! And what better way to celebrate than to play some fantasy football. For the past 3 years I have created a SR fantasy football thread and had great success. We’re here to help you win your league. This is not ESPN or Yahoo giving advice, it’s myself, you, and anyone else that's interested. Bring any questions, concerns, comments that you may have for your upcoming football season to this thread. Alright, here’s my top 10 fantasy players for the 2009 season

1. Adrian Peterson- Did you really have any doubt? He’s a beast and no one comes close right now. Brett Favre should actually keep the secondary honest which will only help the 2008 rushing champ play even better. The Vikes also have the 2nd “easiest” schedule in the NFL this season, that’s not a good sign for other teams. Not much else to add about A.D………Should have a killer season and claim his second rush title in as many years.
My predictions: 1500-1700 rush yds, 13-16 TD, 200-300 rec yds, 1 TD

2. Maurice Jones Drew- This is my second choice. The other options could be Matt Forte or Michael Turner but, here’s why I like MJD…….he’s now the featured back in Jacksonville. The past 3 seasons he’s shared the load and still put up fantastic numbers (08’ 1,400 total yds, 14 TD) the only problems I for see with MJD is he might break down late in the season due to having the entire load. Is here still worth a #2 pick…..yes!
My predictions: 1100-1200 rush yds, 12-15 TD, 500-600 rec yds 3 TD

3. Michael Turner- Turner exploded on to the scene last year. I really see him picking up where he left off. Although, he does have the “curse of 370”, he led the league with 17 TD last season. Still should have a very solid season with Matt Ryan being a Sophomore and the addition of Tony Gonzales.
My prediction: 1400-1600 rush yds, 13-16 TD, 100-150 rec yds

4. Matt Forte- He was great last season for Chi-town and should only get better this season. My only concern with Forte is the Bears schedule: Minn twice, Pitt, Bal, GB twice. That’s 6 teams that Forte has to face with a top 5 rushing Defense next season. How does he make up for it? Receiving yds. He’s a poor mans Marshall Fulk.
My prediction: 1100-1200 rush yds, 10-12 TD, 600-700 rec yds 4 TD

5. Frank Gore- To me it’s a “toss-up” between Gore and L.T. the only reason I would take Gore over LT is because LT is coming off of various injuries form the past season. Gore is a quiet fantasy stud and it doesn’t hurt when you face Sea, Ari, and StL twice a yr. He should have very solid games based on division alone.
My prediction: 1200-1400 rush yds, 9-11 TD, 300-400 rec yds 3 TD

6. LT- A lot of people would say that I have LT ranked waaaaay too high. I disagree. He’s back! True he turned 30 but, if anyone can turn the clock it’s LT. Look at his numbers last season (over 1,500 total yds, 12 TD) Even if he only replicates those numbers he would still be worthy of a top 6 pick…..
My prediction: 1200-1300 rush yds, 10-12 TD, 300-400 rec yds 3 TD

7. Steve Slaton- I know I’m ranking DeAngelo and C. Johnson too low, right? Wrong, my top 7 choices are all the “featured backs” on their respective teams. DeAngelo and C. Johnson can’t say that. That’s why I have Slaton ahead of them . You know what your gonna get from Slaton, you playing hit and miss with the other two. Slaton should only gain more momentum this season and has the potential to be the best fantasy back this season.
My prediction: 1200-1300 rush yds, 10-12 TD, 300-400 rec yds 3 TD

8. Deangelo Williams/Chris Johnson- I know it’s two players and I really don’t like either one of them as a number 1 fantasy option. Like I mentioned above, they share the load. True, they will the better featured back on their teams but you still really never know what you’re going to get from them each game. Too much of a risk for me to take in the first rd, but still valuable enough to consider 1st rd picks by most people.
My prediction: DeAngelo 1,300 total yds, 10-12 TD, Johnson 1,400 total yds 8-10 TD

9. Drew Brees- If you’re gonna take one QB late in the first rd it’s this guy. Screw Tom Brady….he had one spectacular season (07’) Brees has been consistently putting up better numbers the past 5 season. I’m personally not a big fan of QB’s in the first rd but If I had a late 1st rd pick I would definitely consider Brees.
My prediction: 4,500-5,00 passing yds 30-40 TD

10. Steven Jackson- Kinda is a bummer that he plays for such a sorry team but, still should have solid numbers. The only downside is StL will be behind a lot next year. That means they will be throwing the ball a lot more. The plus……Steven Jackson is probably their best receiver. He is StL football. He’s all they have.
My prediction: 1100-1200 rush yds 7-9 TD, 500-600 rec yds 5 TD

So, there’s my top 10, I’m sure some of you will disagree with the rankings, but there my rankings so deal with it …….you’re more than welcomed to post your top 10! Good luck to all of you this season!
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