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Oprah Once Again Has Gone To Far!
Oprah complaints filed from Odysseus Project, 911 Investigation
Published on August 20, 2009
by Bryant William Hewitt

Claims were also filed and along with complaints to the FCC on actions from Oprah. Oprah, has known Bryant w Hewitt for years, shortly before the color purple release. Yet, with a turnaround of events friendship can change. Oprah was not present at all during any part of the investigation of the Odysseus Project. Yet, claims to have had a vision of this, and sent Bryant to investigate. None of this ever took place. The investigation of the Odysseus project (and none of the investigators tied into MSNBC) did uncover that CBC broadcaster of the 5th estate Lyndon McIntyre , was working with Oprah on taking full control , along of rights towards a motion picture. Lyndon and Oprah did learn that Bryant often went to the Montage resort beach area in the morning for quiet prayer. Both approached Bryant in signing the rights over to them. Bryant said, no. Where Lyndon promised extreme difficulties. Bryant Hewitt Laughed . Peter Mansbridge has also been investigated in stating that the following had to be done.

Ministry website would have to come down, This would insure a low profile. Full investigation would be signed over to the CBC team. And would have to denounce USA Citizenship. It as investigated that with advice of Mansbridge and McIntyre that going to Canada under a refugee status would basically create a Prophet as a man who had no country to go to.

Oprah, who claims to be a spiritualist, yet lives an open secular lifestyle. Did fully conspire to discredit and harm Pastor Bryant. Oprah, caught information concerning the story of Ben Veren and that he did have full knowledge of his sister being a prostitute on the streets of upstate New York. Oprah turned the wheels and said that it was Bryant’s sister that died on the streets of upstate, and not Ben. Pastor Bryant, who by choice yet with forgiveness, does not and will not have any contact with his family. And none of that will change.

(For more on the mission and task of Prophet Bryant visit MCN Ministries Pastor Bryant William Hewitt JCast Irvine, CA)

Oprah, does not care for anyone but herself. She is a no talent, that depends on the talents of those around her to make herself look creative. She got to the top of her game, by hanging an affair over Phil Donahues head- and if he did not leave his show to her, the world and his wife would know. When Rachel Ray was heading to the top of her game, Oprah made it appear that Bryant was making in appropriate comments about her sexuality. Both Bryant and Rachel did sit down in a New York Restaurant, were they both discovered who was truly behind the scene.

biblewaycal: Power of choices Prophet bryant

OfficialWire: Oprah Once Again Has Gone To Far!
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