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Prophet Bryant Forwards Oprah Complaints To TMZ

Prophet Bryant Forwards Oprah Complaints To TMZ
Truth revealed of Oprah. Samuel is reported to the Attorney General's Office
Published on August 22, 2009
by Bryant William Hewitt

TMZ & Henry Levine Notified of complaints of Oprah. Henry Samueli and wife to Attorney General’s Office.

Henry Levine, long time friend to Prophet Bryant W. Hewitt from his performing arts days, has been notified of the complaints sent to the Attorney General’s office of California. Press releases of these claims have also been sent to Los Angeles AP national ABC News, CBS News, CNN, NBC News. NBC news along with parent company have been filed with complaints for disclosing the facts of the Odysseus Project the 911 investigation. Before its completion. The Samueli’s have also been turned into the mental health agencies of Los Angeles County and Orange County. Henry saying "I am God" and his wife walking around in a variety of different personalities

Questions people across the globe are asking today. What is the Odysseus Project and Prophet Bryant W. Hewitt?

The Odysseus Project is a journey of the absolute truth for the witnessing of the crimes of 911. This compiled of a 9 person team, that has concluded the investigation, with updated information provided to experienced journalist over the course of the last two weeks. The Leader of this group and investigation is none other than a minister, doing the work of a Prophet and this was laid out as a tailored made part for his calling of the Lord.

He is friends to many in the world of Journalism entertainment, music industry, and global political leaders. There is too much information to be blasted at all readers, and individuals that want the truth of a very powerful group of people, that all they grave for is more power to destroy the good of the world, around those that are living a life to provide for themselves and loved ones.

For more on the man himself Prophet Bryant W. Hewitt, please visit MCN Ministries Pastor Bryant William Hewitt JCast Irvine, CA

For story on Oprahs complaints visit OfficialWire: Oprah Once Again Has Gone To Far!

And for the complete investigation, go to Bryant Wi. Hewitt Concludes The Odysseus Project, The 911 Investigation

OfficialWire: Prophet Bryant Forwards Oprah Complaints To TMZ
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