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This makes no sense. First of all, the Republicans don't have the numbers to filibuster so it will make the Democrats look weak and incapable of governing. Secondly, the only thing bipartisan right now is the opposition. 100 Dems won't support it without public option, 50 or so Dems won't support it with public option. Not to mention, the bill is not popular. Letting Republicans kill it would give them an accomplishment.

From ABC News:

Fewer than half of Americans, 45 percent, support reform as it's been explained to date, while 50 percent are opposed – with many more "strongly" opposed than strongly in favor, 40 percent vs. 27 percent. Support's at just 36 percent among independents, the crucial political center.
This bill is only popular among Dems who will already be voting Democratic next year anyway.
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