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You know, I don't care what people say....this guy can do what he wants. How is it by him deciding to still play football it affects us or the integrity of the game? The first time he retired it was a bit ridiculous I will admit, but the Vikings came back to HIM and basically begged him to play. He got word from his doctor that he tear in his rotator cuff would hold we agreed. For 25 million dollars you wouldnt do that? This guy is 40, but he can still play football and is better than both Jackson and Sage. Regardless of the fact he is one of the best to play the game and one of the few that can still be successful at his age. He has made alot of mistakes in his career, but that is what has made him so popular..his style of play. He played hurt most of last year and came back for the wrong reasons. If he truely came back this year to actually play and contend for a super bowl (which no one can he is or not and dont even try to act like you can justify) he play much better than he did with the jets. He actually has a team also, unlike he did with the Jets. He has a good foundation to start with and they wont have to rely on him to be the Favre of the 90's. There are guys that have done much worse while playing then what he has "done" while being retired. This is his life and if he still thinks he can do it then he has every right to do so. His name was cemented on the NFL long before he first thought of retiring...this is not gonna hurt his legacy.
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