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Originally Posted by Scrub1 View Post
I’m always amused how everyone gets riled up when a television/radio being, whether it is Glenn Beck or Keith Olberman says something “controversial”. Their job is to get viewers/listeners. In the same context, Job #1 for politicians is to get reelected. Why the hell do you think they tell you want you to hear?

This is no different than your favorite restaurant or watering hole. You go there because you get what you want.

Now, if favorite restaurant or bar quits giving you what you want, you go somewhere else. Same thing happens to radio & TV shows, people quit watching/listening and IN THEORY, politicians do not get reelected.

The problem with politics is it is not a free market industry. It’s a monopoly that is allowed to makes its own rules. Thus we end up with poor, unresponsive, egotistical “servants”.

Just remember Time Warner before satellite TV and U-Verse or Ma Bell before internet phone.
There is a difference between being controversial and being bigoted. That is why people are riled up and why advertisers are justifiably pulling out of Beck's show -- because the ratings belie the value of those advertising dollars that were spent. People may be watching, but they sure as hell aren't going to forget that your brand is okay being associated with these absurd ideas that Beck is espousing.

Props to those who have pulled out. For those who haven't, you're getting everything you deserve.
--AT&T Center, 5/9/2006
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