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Health care isn't cheap for many reasons. The health care industry is composed of many entities private to their own fields combined to provide care for the people.

This would not be an issue if the governement offered subsidy as they do in the agriculture/farm and ranch industry.

Nationalisation of health care will cause the issues as described above.

After experience with those close to me in the many fields associated with health care (Physician, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Hospitals, Etc.) I have come to know that all extreme costs associated with health care in general are attributed to fraud, malpractice and greed.

If government resorts to providing health care for every individual then individuals will loose out in many cases less than adequate health care.

But regulation of cost for ordinary office visits to physicians would help lower insurance rates. (I know our family doctor charges $75 for a visit to their office when all we might spend is 15 minutes in consultation)

Not allowing insurance companies to place people in a "death spiral" regarding renewal and/or claims would help eliviate many who once carried insurance but cannot anymore because of this practice.

Pharmaceutical compannies if subsidized by the government could absorb much of the costs involved in research and development of medications and prescriptions thus reducing the over all cost of purchasing these items.

Point is...there are already ways privately and substantive to help make health care affordable to all without the government becoming the sole entity of provision. Government as the provider is not the answer if you want to remain free to make your own decesion.
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