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Originally Posted by JTD View Post
What do you base this on?? if you're not a cowboy fan, how would you know to make a statement like that? Not liking him doesn't make him a player that can't win anything. hell if that was true, then Kobe would be a horrible player and would have never won any titles! :richb
I know what you mean and I agree to some extent in that there is no reason to bash an athlete that way.

Still, being or not being a fan of that team has nothing to do with that attitude, I guess, since, if I recall correctly, many people in this forum had said many times that the likes of Dirk Nowitzki and Amare Stoudamire will never lead their teams to a Championship and I don't think any of the guys saying it were either Mavs nor Suns fans. If I'm not mistaken, until he went to Boston and got his ring, many people (not only in this forum but in some other places as well) were also saying the same about KG .
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