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Historically I've always past over remarks such as those by Bill Maher.
As I approach my Mid 50's I've found myself more and more drawn to comment.

I have a real problem with the statement "Yes, I want decisions made by an elite group of people who know what they're talking about." I’m not sure B.M. and his group of elitist “knows" what they are talking about. However, I beleive this elite group knows what THEY want and have no clue what you, I, or the majority of Americans want.

In my youth I was inclined, as neither most, to not listen to my parent’s advice nor many others but my buddies. As the saying goes "Too soon old, too late smart." I would encourage all to listen to others , study up, ask questions, and decide for you what is right . I believe it is a lifelong mistake to let others “decide” for you.

Most of us all know deep inside what is right, but choose not to listen. Strive to acquire not only knowledge but more importantly wisdom. It’s a long and difficult journey and I hope one day to achieve.
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