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Posts: 426 matter which side of the pendulum is still radicalism.

Bill Maher is a radical who often contradicts himself from one broadcast to the next. I used to like him for his wit...but have come to realize he offers no solutions and exsists solely to critisize. (You know...the nosy neighbor that questions everones actions as if they were paying the bills) He's the same as Linbaugh only way to the left.

AS far as this country becoming less intelligent. Well...I have come to the conclusion the plan has always been to keep people misinformed and apathetic. That way the ones in charge have less competition. It's not that people are stupid more so than they find ways to survive according to their environment. Keep people struggling to just make ends meet and they have little to no time for anything else.

Of course...I really do feel sorry for those who can't afford a life style that extends beyond their means...
most accomplishments are made because you visualize it before it happens...RMS
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