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Right.... so its the evil corporations and the GOP are the ones who started this debacle. "Its not a grassroots get together"... Please tune out the bs from msnbc and fox. The taking heads are on the sidelines at this moment wanting a piece of the action late in the game. This debate started on its own by concerned citizens that believe health care is not a right. Now you have the Obama administration sending out their wonderful organizational brown shirts (Unions, Acorn, etc) to counter logic.

"Phony show".... Americans for the past year have been watching the media tell us how we should all get a thrill going up their leg when the dear leader speaks. Now they want you to believe that this isn't grassroots. Talk about a "phony show". Funny that this type of organizational get together isn't condemned when its on the other spectrum. Its "democracy at work". But when the other side does it its somehow tampering the process of. Its time for those in congress to go back to the drawing board.

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