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Wedding Dance Couple Go To Divorce Court

Wedding Dance Couple Go To Divorce Court In Spoof
Posted Mon Aug 3, 2009 7:54pm PDT
by Billy Johnson, Jr. in Hip-Hop Media Training

Should Kevin and Jill Heinz ever file for a divorce, the breakup proceedings can be just as hip-hop and grandiose as their wedding procession that made its rounds via a viral video a few weeks ago.

Indigo Productions, a successful New York-based production company, has created a divorce court parody of the video that mimics the wedding party dancing down a church aisle to Chris Brown's hit "Forever."

In the "Unexpected Divorce Intro" video, the attorneys, judge, bailiffs, bride and groom also dance to the Chris Brown song as they make their entrance in the viral spinoff filmed Wednesday in an actual local Supreme Court. They released the video Thursday.

Indigo Productions, which has a corporate client list that includes brands L'Oréal, Canon, Chase, IBM, and The Smithsonian Institution, was inspired to make a response video as part of a challenge posed in the Viral Video Workshop At NYU course the production company offers at New York University.

When assigning the master project task to create a viral video, the students asked Indigo Productions to participate. "The students challenged us," said Max Rosen, Indigo Productions president and "Unexpected Divorce Intro" producer. "They said, ‘Let's see what you can do.' And we said, ‘Ok.'"

Rosen's top team of directors, producers, and writers brainstormed and came up with several ideas that involved a tribute to Michael Jackson as well as sketch and horror pieces. But the "Unexpected Divorce Intro" idea materialized when a colleague called Rosen during the all day Sunday class session with an idea to make a divorce version of the hilarious Heinz video. Everyone agreed to make the breakup short.

They quickly assembled a cast that includes professionally trained Broadway performers. Rosen called his friends at the Conan O'Brien show to pull in its choreographer for the project. They rehearsed for one hour, and shot the video in three takes.

Indigo Productions has made more than 20 viral videos for internal use for its client Ricoh. When Rosen told Ricoh about the project, Ricoh offered to fund the effort and did not require a product mention. The team worked on the project for either free or below rate.

Rosen said they are dying to hear from newlyweds Kevin and Jill Heinz.

He added that the clip was the most fun he has had making a video in his company's 17 year history.

Maybe Chris Brown will make an appearance should a third version arise.

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