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Drew Bennett Retires from the NFL

Drew Bennett Retires from the NFL
July 27, 2009 by Stephen Kersey

A couple days ago, we announced that the Baltimore Ravens had signed Drew Bennett. Late on Sunday, Bennett told the Ravens that he was going to retire. Well, that was fast.

This is the second time the Ravens have been surprised by a wide receiver retiring this offseason. Earlier in the month, Derrick Mason said he was going to retire. Considering that Bennett was signed partly due to Mason’s announcement, this is a rather ironic turn of events.

Bennett blames injury as the cause of his retirement.

Said Bennett: “After returning home from Baltimore this weekend, a previous knee injury flared up, making me realize that I am unable to play another NFL season. Therefore, I have decided to retire from the National Football League.”

The Ravens will now have to go back onto the market to find a wide receiver. Considering that they gave Bennett a contract worth less than $800,000, Baltimore will likely have to look in the bargain bin.

Regarding Mason, the latest rumors have the Ravens trying to coax him out of retirement.

Drew Bennett Retires (Image: Zuma Press)
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