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I remember watching Charlie Hustle's first game playing 2nd base for the Reds. I had never seen anybody sprint to 1st base on a base on balls before Rose or do a head first slide into a base. He said he would be the 1st $100,000 singles hitter in the game back in the 60s. He has more hits in the game than any other player. If the league can overlook 7 suspensions for drug use by a guy named Steve Howe, who was also the first baseball player to be banned for life because of drugs, only to be reinstated by an arbitrator, I think the league can forgive Rose's gambling suspension. Gambling is against the rules, I know that, so what about these Bonds, McGuire, Soto and the rest who did steriods, performance enhancing drugs -- they will be standing at Cooperstown one day, in all their glory --- Rose deserves to be there, I don't care what anybody says. PERIOD.
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