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He was part of an organized gambling ring.

I's very much a part of the same type of events that go on here in south fighting, rooster fighting, etc...but as stated by highplains...not a one time event.

One could argue that he paid his debt to society...but what about the integrity of the those with kids who idealize this a good way to show them about integrity?

I guess it's no worse than to continually shoot up strip clubs and bars.

How many chances should be given and to what degree is enough?

It reminds me of a child support case I heard about not long ago...the defendant happened to be an ex pro athlete who was in the arrears by more than $90,000...he got probation because the judge said what good would it be if he were placed in prison and not able to work?...funny thing is...that's the same excuse that is used by the majority of peole placed in jail for delenquent child support.

I'm glad the Spurs organization doesn't operate that way.
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