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Both Jackson Autopsies Turned Up Needle Marks and Propofol

Both Jackson Autopsies Turned Up Needle Marks and Propofol
Today 8:29 PM PDT by Ken Baker and Natalie Finn

Remember how Michael Jackson's family commissioned a second autopsy on the fallen King of Pop's body?

Well, E! News has exclusively learned that those results are in—and they are not any different from what was found when the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office did its thing.

A source with knowledge of the findings from both autopsies tells E! News that the private pathologist's findings are "consistent" with the county coroner's—and that in addition to finding needle marks on Jackson's body, as we previously reported, both procedures revealed traces of a potentially lethal amount of propofol in the singer's system.

Propofol, a potent anesthetic administered via IV that leaves people in a largely comatose state, has become the controversial drug du jour since it was discovered in Jackson's Holmby Hills mansion.

Federal regulators are considering adding the drug to their official list of controlled substances, which would require hospitals to account for every drop used.

County officials have confirmed that Jackson was taking prescription medications when he died, but they aren't expected to make public their full report until at least next week because of the ongoing, possibly criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding Jackson's untimely demise.

The private autopsy was performed June 27, two days after Jackson died and the day following the coroner's examination of the body.

Both Jackson Autopsies Turned Up Needle Marks and Propofol - E! Online
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