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Video-George Brett’s Pine Tar Bat in Royals HOF

George Brett’s Pine Tar Bat in Royals HOF
July 18, 2009 by Cherie Burbach

I used to be a huge fan of George Brett. Still am. And I remember the “pine tar” game 26 years ago very well. I caught an article recently that spoke about the Royals Hall of Fame, and was actually surprised to see that the infamous pine tar bat was in it, along with some other memorabilia. If you’re a Royals or Brett fan, be sure to check it out. I got a kick out of the fact that one sportscaster felt that there was more pine tar on the bat that Brett hit his 3,000th hit with than the actual bat that caused all the ruckus.

Brett was a great player. His records stand up, but the whole pine tar incident is a part of his legacy as well. I think the reason people remember it so vividly is because Brett went crazy when they took a look at the bat. He ran out on the field and that angry face is what many fans (affectionately) remember. This one included. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s another look.

by Sportaphile

Brett was recently seen at Kauffman Stadium before the Royals played the Twins. He still looks great, doesn’t he?

Image: Zuma Press

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