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Seth Green Appearing on 'WWE Raw' Monday Night

Seth Green Appearing on 'WWE Raw' Monday Night
Date Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 1:02AM
Seth Green will be the guest host of Monday night's WWE Raw on USA. That's right, the wrestling show. In typically hyperbolic fashion, calls Green's gig "monumental" and "unprecedented," even though at one point, the now-defunct former rival of WWE, Ted Turner's WCW, had David Arquette briefly reign as its champion.

Now what does a guest host do on WWE Raw? Apparently, based on when Donald Trump ran the show, the guest host makes the matches, so Triple H may have to fight a guy whose entire ring persona is comprised of vowels and John Cena can...uh...not make movies. Really, he just announces the matches Vince McMahon orders, and the rest is a ratings ploy.

Even though pro wrestling isn't at its zenith anymore, Raw is still the most watched weekly cable show by a wide, wide margin and recently helped push USA to the best second quarter ratings in the history of cable TV.

Seth Green Appearing on 'WWE Raw' Monday
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