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Wow.. I have to go on the record here.

It's nice to see that Mr. Rivard can do what not a single person on the jury of Jackson's trial could do.. Say Jackson was guilty of child molestation.

If you talk to insiders in Hollywood they all say that Jackson was forced to pay the first kid off. That put a huge target on his back. Actually his insurance company wrote the check since they were the ones who were nervous and insisting that he do it. Jackson wanted to go to court over it, but they (insurers and handlers) felt like too much crap would be dragged across the media scape. Only now do we hear just how right they were about that (given reports of just how many skeletons were in his closet).

Micheal Jackson may have been gay- there is some strong evidence of that according to people who actually know him and have worked with him in professional capacities through the years, and one only need look at how Michael reacted when Boy George tried to "out" him to see this was a very sensitive spot for him.

Micheal Jackson may have been a drug abuser. I might be too if my life was from a mental standpoint as screwy as his was. More people sued Michael Jackson than just about any other person alive. That is a fact. Micheal comes from an "entertainment" family- 'nuf said. His father, according to the same group that has worked with him, was an abusive and controlling man (reports are that he has chilled in his old age).

Micheal was messed up physically, some due to his own mental issues with self esteem and plastic surgery and some due to that fire incident that burned the back of his scalp and left him partially bald for the rest of his life. Yes. Those wigs and hats helped him conceal that.

But was Micheal a child molester who left a trail of "victims" as Mr. Rivard is so quick to point out? Let's just say THANK GOD Mr. Rivard isn't judge and jury on that one. In addition, THANK GOD this is America where you are innocent until proven guilty (at least in theory).

One thing I know is that for all those things he was, Michael Jackson was still a musical and creative genius... And dare I ask, what geniuses in history WEREN'T tortured souls with "issues?"


Maybe someday it will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Jackson was indeed a child molester, but until that day happens and even after it, it's a news man's job to cover the news-- regardless of his opinions.
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