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The only way a republican can win in 2012 is by a total overhaul of the party's policies. We witnessed the chance for a new direction in the 2008 with Ron Paul pushing for a more libertarian approach. This is the only way i see republicans pulling off a comeback in 2012 and in future elections to come. There has to be a total revamp of the party in and out. The party can not keep on asking and searching for a Ronald Regan because there will never be one. They need to find that person that can tackle the issues of our time, not of the past. If individuals like Sarah Palin are the ones in the driving seat get ready for a whoopin like 2008. People like her,Mccain, Jeb Bush, Mitt, and Sean Hannity are taking this party to the gutter and it will remain there until people like this get the hell out of the way. It's a damn shame.....

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