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Absolutely amigo! "It's the will of the people." Why does the US constantly have to give its two cents on any altercation in the world. But what bothers me the most here is the fact that the Obama administration calling this "coup" illegal. In what way is this illegal? The Honduran supreme court and congress did what they had to do. Their constitution clearly states that term limits can not be altered, but this Zelala guy did it any ways. If anything what he did was illegal! And now he is paying the price. But here comes the UN and other foreign governments (and US) condemning the Honduran people for their actions. My question is do these foreign governments just want to make sure that their power is garenteed in todays world if something like this happens to them? And what confuses me is Mr. Obama's definition of democracy..... Does he see the executive office as the supreme branch of the land? That its word triumphs all? Probably not, but it sure gives ya something to chew on. Most likely he tried to gain some respect from Chavez and Castro. But why would you want to appease those monkeys? Their politics are so old school they haven't even evolved yet...
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