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First Ed, then Michael?!

First Ed, then Michael?!
Posted by mipplet on Thu, 06/25/2009 - 17:07

Michael Jackson apparently went into cardiac arrest this afternoon and was rushed to the hospital. Supposedly he wasn't breathing in the ambulance, and several media outlets are reporting that the former King of Pop has died (although that has NOT been confirmed!). Michael's only 50 years old and was allegedly on the brink of a big comeback...what the heck is going on now?! Will Michael make it? Stay tuned.

Also, what is up with all these celebrities dropping like flies this week? I've read reports that state Walter Cronkite is on the brink, so he may be next. If anyone knows where George Clooney is right now, please make sure he is well protected...I'm afraid he might get hit by a bus or something, the way this day is going!

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