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Nicoletti Cafe in Brooklyn, New York

Nicoletti Cafe in Brooklyn, New York
March 23, 2009 by
Jesse Schmitt
Coffee Roasters
Old World Coffee & Espresso Beanery

Nicoletti Café
Neigborhood: Dyker Heights
Brooklyn, NY 11219
United States of America

There is a café in my neighborhood in Brooklyn that is not Dunkin Doughnuts and is not Starbucks and is not populated by the same clientele at all. Nicoletti Café has been in existence since 1972, as a café and a retail coffee outlet. It has multiple things working in its favor; among the most prevalent of these is that Nicoletti Café is a very authentic experience in a world and cities drown out in sameness. Nicoletti Café may not be frequented by the hip or the connected but the fact is that the folks who do frequent Nicoletti Café are no less passionate about their feelings and no less relevant because of it. Perhaps, even, the clientele at Nicoletti Café are more informed about their coffee and such or at least the customers of this tiny, neighborhood café know what they like and are not afraid to demand it.

Nicoletti Café is a family owned racket that has remained in the same spot for more than 30 years. At Nicoletti Café you are not going to be able to go in and order flavor shots or "chocolate do-diddles," but you can find coffee. And espresso. Beans. Nicoletti Café are coffee roasters and they do what they do as they have done it in the same way they have done it for years. What keeps customers coming back; roving around the meters, casing out a parking space; is the fact that at Nicoletti Café they roast some of the most flavorful and pungent beans around.

If you have a bean grinder at home yourself, the beans from Nicoletti Café will last even longer! However if you do not have your own grinder, you should probably opt for smaller amounts of coffee beans or buy your beans closer to the date that you will use them, in order to get the most pointed flavors.

If you live in the neighborhood or if you frequent the neighborhood and you, like so many other Americans, find yourself addicted to this pungent little bean, you should stop in and meet the family at Nicoletti Café while they are still there. No doubt the family at Nicoletti Café could sell out the space their shop is in at a great profit, so that a dunkin or a siren could muscle in on the neighborhood, they haven't done so yet. So while there still are family owned, old world coffee roasters around like Nicoletti Café, you should make haste and appreciate these wonderful flavors fast before they're gone!

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