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Obscenity Appears on Yearbook Cover

Obscenity Appears on Yearbook Cover
AOL / Wire Services
posted: 3 DAYS 11 HOURS AGO

(June 17) -- School administrators in Shaker Heights, Ohio, weren't impressed when they discovered a hidden obscenity on the cover of a high school yearbook.

An art student drew a creative interpretation of Shaker Heights High School's "Red Raider" mascot and incorporated the F-word into the drawing.

"You have to turn it upside down and then it is right there," incoming senior Katie Rownd told WJW-TV.

After the word was discovered, Principal Michael Griffith sent a letter to parents that included an apology from the student who designed the cover. The offending student has already graduated.

The school is now distributing a new version of the yearbook that conceals the dirty word.

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