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5 last minute foodies gifts for Fathers' Day

5 last minute foodies gifts for Fathers' Day
By Eric Braun on Jun 19, 09 03:50 PM

I'm forever procrastinating on gifts, especially when it comes to these second tier holidays.

Truth is, my dad would probably be happy with a six-pack of Lone Star and some barbecue. The odds are pretty high that his Fathers' Day wish might just come true when he's up here visiting from the coast next weekend.

If your dad is into cooking and / or eating, then might I suggest the following gifts you can pull off at the last minute?

1. Bacon of the Month club from
I used to live in Ann Arbor where Zingerman's is a local institution and, truth told, it's the reason A2 is forever being named among the most livable cities. Bacon is only one of several excellent subscriptions that include bread and brownies.

2. Molacajete, volcanic rock mortar and pestle
I'm mostly putting this on here because it's what I want just in case my kids are reading. You can find them for around $15 at your local Michoacana, Culebra Meat Market or other specialty Mexican grocers. They are good for many tasks like spice and herb grinding and other general smooshing-type jobs.

3. Lodge Cast Iron stuff
When it comes to cast iron cookware I don't look beyond Lodge. It's American made, of a high quality and lasts generations. Lodge is also in the enamel-covered cookware game now, so take that Le Creuset. The pre-seasoned cookware is ready to go out of the box instead and doesn't require the initial, laborious seasoning process.

4. iPhone aps
Is your dad a foodie and a little geekie? Well then, how about getting him a gift card for some iPhone apps.? Here's a list from of the best of them.

5. A truly great beer
The thing with beer is that for the price of an average, everyday bottle of wine you can give dad one of the great beers of the world. Chimay, brewed by monks in Belgium, will only set you back around $15-$20 for a 750ml bottle. For others, here's the constantly evolving beer rankings at Plenty of them aren't available around here, but dig in and find something unusual that is.

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