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Twice the luck! Man hits lottery jackpot 2 times

While picking up form for one win, he finds he has won $141,519 more

FULLERTON, Calif. — An unemployed mortgage worker from Southern California had the luck of his life this week: he hit the jackpot twice in two days.

Sean Sanders went to a liquor store in nearby Placentia on Wednesday to pick up a claim form for his $1,400 win from Tuesday night's California Lottery draw.

While there, he checked his Mega Millions ticket — and found he had won an additional $141,519.

The 35-year-old Fullerton resident said that he is currently unemployed and has been working only sporadically since 2007.

Sanders says he will use the money to pay off bills and invest the rest.

Twice the luck! Man wins lottery 2 times - Wonderful World-
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