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San Antonio’s urban “Power 106.7” goes talk today at 5pm.

San Antonio’s urban “Power 106.7” goes talk today at 5pm.
The San Antonio/Austin Board at was rumoring “talk” as early at 10:30 last Thursday morning, and by early Thursday afternoon it pretty much had the schedule of syndicated personalities pegged. Here’s what I think the starting lineup will be at Cox-owned KPWT – TRN’s Mancow Muller, early morning. Neal Boortz, syndicated from Cox Radio’s WSB, Atlanta, 8-11am. (Boortz had been on Border Media Partners’ KTSA/550 from 7-9pm, clearing on delay.) Then Talk Radio Network’s Laura Ingraham, 11am-2pm. Clark Howard, also syndicated out of WSB, for 2-5pm. (Clark had been heard locally for just one hour, 9-10pm on KTSA.) Then TRN’s Michael Savage, who’d been clearing on Salem’s KLUP at 930. Followed by TRN’s Rusty Humphries and Phil Hendrie. Sounds like TRN’s Phil Boyce has been doing heavy missionary work at Cox Radio. So was Santa Claus – Cox is stunting as all-Christmas “Santa 106.7” until 5pm today. One more posting from the San Antonio/Austin board – “Lodown01” says “I was in town to drop off a sponsorship package for a concert event my company is hosting, and found out that Power was flipping to talk radio, after I got up to the 6th floor…it was sad to see employees, with their belongings, walking out…”

Cox Radio aims to keep San Antonio’s 106.7 away from its other music franchises.

The board’s right about something else – Cox Radio’s deliberations over a new format for “Power” KPWT were probably shaded by the desire not to interfere with sister stations such as #1-ranked oldies combo KONO-AM/FM (860/101.1), #6-ranked rock “99.5” KISS or #9-ranked country KCYY (which had a bad Winter book with a 3.8 share). For Cox, doing talk on its Terrell Hills-licensed FM meant choosing a direction that could add to its cume reach, and not directly threaten anything else. Urban “Power” was 14th in the Winter Arbitrons with a 2.5 AQH share – while competitor “Beat” (Univision’s KBBT/98.5) was sailing along in third place with a 6.1. Another factor to ponder - San Antonio gets the Arbitron PPM beginning in December. Maybe Cox would prefer to be doing talk than urban “Power.”
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