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Miss California's Revealing Photos

Shanna Moakler is still worked up about how the Miss California brouhaha has played out.

A day after she stepped down from her post as codirector of the state pageant in the wake of Donald Trump deciding Carrie Prejean would keep her crown, Moakler choked up as she explained herself to E! News' Ryan Seacrest this morning.

"When I was at the press conference, I really believed at that moment in time that maybe things are going to change, maybe this particular situation can work out," she said. "I went back to my hotel room and I just had a very, very difficult time.

"The turning point for me, I guess, was when I was watching the Today show and she was sitting there continuing to lie," the former Miss USA continued. "And it's obvious to everybody that the lying is still going on. I just couldn't stand behind her."

Moakler also shared a promise Trump made but neglected to mention during the media event.

"I wasn't going to New York with this vendetta against her and hoping that she would be decrowned. But I was hoping that she would, at one point in time, stop pointing fingers at everyone in the world and take a little bit of accountability or a little bit of responsibility for herself.

"In the room with Donald, he did say, 'If she continues to breach her contract, I'll fire her.' He did say that in the room, and I believe him 100 percent. I wish he had said it at the press conference. Instead I feel like she got basically rewarded for lying."

Moakler added, "Saying the wind is blowing her top when she's barely wearing a top, it looks foolish."

Listeners could hear the star get particularly emotional as she talked about coming to her conclusion to step away from her post.

"How am I supposed to aggressively promote someone that I don't even know if they're being truthful with me," she asked. "I work hard. I worked hard on that pageant and this has been a very, very—I'm sorry, I'm getting emotional—difficult decision for me because I love the Miss California organization and I love my family over there and the friends that I've made and the commitment that I had. I just don't think the situation right now is right."

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