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I'm not a big Trekkie...I only liked the early movies. I did enjoy this movie though. Definitely my style of action.

But let me ask you guys this, because this kind of bothered me and maybe I missed something (DAMN YOU Alamodraft House waiters!):

Why were federation planets like Vulcan and Earth so completely defenseless? I understand Nero used his futuristic ship to ambush the Federation at Vulcan, so they kind of get a pass, but Earth? I mean, all Spock had to do was fly his little ship and blast the drill in half. I was like, wow, that was easy. You'd think that no matter what the Federation fleet is involved in, they would leave something to defend the surface of Earth? You're telling me that on the entire planet of Earth, there wasn't a single spaceship capable of doing what Spock did? Like, in case they try to drill a hole into our core and drop some red matter into it, we'll leave a few gunships behind. Speaking of the red matter, I think that without drilling into the core, by creating a singularity just in the general area is going to cause some major problems. So tell me Trekkies, have I got it all wrong?
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