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I liked it in spite of myself.

I'm not some huge Trekkie, but if it were a tool of education I have a HS diploma in Trek-dom.

I don't want to ruin the story, because I believe thats the incredible strength of the movie. It keeps tradition and cannon in all the right places, and yet does something bold and innovative with the story and characters. It's worth the $9 to make up your own mind, but I would say there is a 75% chance if you are/were a fan you'll walk away enjoyed the film to some degree...

the film looks great on the big screen, and just for the effects and action sequences it's worth the money.

I say, do yourself a favor, see it, and if you're a rabid strict Trekkie you will walk away with a decision. I think for everyone else, it will be a good movie, and for some it is Great.
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