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I don't believe anything anyone ever said as a member of the Bush Administration, with the lone exception of Robert Gates. I don't even believe Colin Powell, someone I have (had, actually) a lot of respect for. Condi Rice is the main architect of one of the worst foreign policies in American history. Even aside for the torture, secret detention camps and wiretapping, let's face it. Not finishing the Afghan war quickly and decisively has created the dangerous mess we're in now - with the Taliban invading land just 60 miles from the capital of Pakistan, a nuclear-armed nation. And the meaningless war in Iraq has hamstringed our ability to fix the Afghan mess once and for all and tackle real national security issues like Somalia - whose piracy threatens a major chunk of international shipping. And all this makes the Bill Clinton foreign policy - of trying to assassinate Osama bin Laden directly and bring order to Somalia (black hawk down) - as actually quite far-sighted.
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