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Originally Posted by wu_aphex View Post
Just using the numbers from May 1st, Hannity does have higher overall ratings - 1823 to Olbermann's 1314. I'm not sure if your scale of "50 times" is very accurate, but I'd also like to point out that in the all important 25 to 54 demographic, Olbermann is actually ahead with 458 to Hannity's 412. So congrats to Hannity on his firm grip of the pre-teen and senor citizens markets.

Another point to consider is that if you're a right-wing, fear-mongering, fact-ignoring democracy-shredding conservative, you reall only have one source for the news, Fox, while we on the left have a plethora of networks, which if added up, well exceed Fox and destroys any notion that Fox is somehow a better news network. It's simply the ONLY network that caters to the 51% of ignorant Americans that voted for Bush, TWICE. Hell, even Comedy Central does a better job of insightful political discussion than Fox "Obama is the Anti-Christ"News.
Very nicely put.
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