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The providers are all catching onto the scheme and seeing dollar signs.

Time Warner got the hint that no one would be happy paying a whole lot more for internet access, so they temporarily dropped plans for it to 're-educate' customers. This is really a ploy to try to set up agreements with other providers to also jump into tiered pricing so that the competition doesn't eat them alive.

Want proof of how false Time Warner's reasons are for switching to tiered pricing? Check out their quarterly statement. With regards to their broadband products, their profits are through the roof, their customer base has expanded, and their investment costs continue to decrease. Yet their business model currently is unsustainable? It's a flat out lie.

And now that we've said we don't want tiered pricing, Time Warner now says that the planned DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade will not be happening, even though the same quarterly specifically says that the only place they planned on doing those upgrades was in New York anyway. What people don't understand is that implementing DOCSIS 3.0 is dirt cheap for Time Warner, and actually make maintaining their network easier and allows for dynamic expanding of pipes to accommodate spikes in traffic. It would be a complete win-win for both consumer and provider.

Again, San Antonio, despite being the 7th largest city in the country, is in a stagnant broadband market. There is no competition, and we're suffering for it. Come on Cablevision or Verizon!
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