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Spaniards to erect monument to Leslie Howard

Spaniards to erect monument to Leslie Howard (AP)
Source: AP
Sat Apr 18, 2009, 1:19 pm EDT Buzz up!

MADRID - A historical association says it will honor " Gone With the Wind " actor Leslie Howard as a war hero with a monument in Spain near where his plane was shot down by Nazi fighter pilots during World War II .

The Royal Green Jackets association and author Jose Rey Ximena will unveil the propeller-shaped sculpture in July near Cedeira bearing the names of those who died aboard the commercial flight from Portugal to Britain in 1943.

Association President Manuel Santiago Arenas Roca says the London-born Howard joined the Allies and campaigned hard against the Axis powers .

Ximena said Saturday that Germany's government at the time apparently was worried about the negative impact the high-profile actor-director's anti-Nazi publicity was having on its cause.

Spaniards to erect monument to Leslie Howard (AP) - Yahoo! Movies
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