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I got on the Galactica train late and finished it late.

That's why I'm only now posting.

I thought it was fantastic. I'm not sure about lovey dovey, after all the misery of the show it was nice to see some happiness and actual resolution.

As far as God, the show went out of its way to make everything make sense from a logical perspective except for the people that it stated (from nearly the beginning) were agents of God. Three things made that ending especially sweet.

As a history teacher one thing I always emphasize is the repetition of events, even over the course of thousands of years. On that note, the mantra that "Everything that has happened before will happen again" and the fact that it is on us to begin to break the cycles of violence is something not lost upon me.

Second, agents of God portrayed in a sci fi series? Well done for the most part, always intriguing, and as a believer I had no problems with its level of integration. Given that I take the side of God as the great force that restrains from using direct force (in almost all cases) it was interesting. I heavily subscribe to mankind as a single organism in the middle of a maturation process, that must endure its own set of struggles before full adulthood (an existence absence of enforced peace, one achieved). So the notion of repeated cycles in quest of one day breaking cycles is, again, not lost on me.

Lastly, regardless of all spiritual things, I love this planet and its inhabitants. My online persona may be at times gruff, but there isn't a person on the forums I would wish harm on. This planet is grand, beautiful, and amazing. The level of biodiversity written across the face of this planet is nothing short of staggering. Simply examining the Amazon will tell you that, and I don't believe it's all accidental. Now the process by which it was achieved is up to you to settle upon, but in the end it is wild, exotic and mind blowing. It is beautiful, a starship set adrift in the cosmos, bearing upon it all the ingredients necessary to prepare a species for eventual exploration of the stars.

From the planet's perfect rotation around the sun to this solar system's positioning in the Habitation Zone, not to mention its perfect placement to allow for stargazing without being blinded by the innumerable stars, the prerequisites met for life origins, to the current state of biodiversity, nothing short of staggering statistic breaking feats have allowed for the appearance of life and the appearance of a high level thinking organism such as man.

In the end, my last thoughts on the show were, let's not waste the incredible gift we've been given.

BTW, Adama - Hebrew for "Earth" though I'm sure the connections to Adam are obvious.
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