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I think that this town has gone so long without a good sports radio show, you would not know a good one if it bit you on your presets...

The Morning Drive (760) A good show, just so darn early! Great energy. Andy needs to talk with some more huevos. Peter needs to SLOW DOWN.

Mike Taylor (760) Decent show, just needs some energy and Jim Bob has got to go. Wasn't he a fill in from the beginning. He sounds like he looks....chubby.

The ESPN afternoon show...(ESPN 1250) Chris Duel was better at pop culture and world events. His sidekick sounds like a guy they hired after auditioning at a drive thru window.

The Sports Grind...(760) Seriously? This show is on-air? No talent and they love to hear themselves talk. I think Salami..or Bologna...or whatever his name is carries the show.

Morning Drive and Mike Taylor are your best bets.
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