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Expert from our very own chat about Tony's play against the Thunders:

[Jose_TheGenius] 10:34 pm: wow why are they jumping ?
[Jose_TheGenius] 10:34 pm: apparently we're athletic now ?
[ATHENEA] 10:34 pm: athletic but blind
[Mombear] 10:34 pm: damn jose.. lol
[jputnam98942] 10:34 pm: French D
[Lphenom21] 10:34 pm: dam Selfishsofa scored!
[ATHENEA] 10:34 pm: they r catching air all the time
[ProjectGSX] 10:35 pm: tony shows his ballet skills on that one
[Morehouse22] 10:35 pm: tp will do any thing to get out of
playing defense

[Jose_TheGenius] 10:38 pm: Fab on Twitter: Monday "sitting
on bench" Tuesday "watching flowers grow from bench"
Wednesday "i think those nachos gave me gas.....on the bench"
[Jose_TheGenius] 10:39 pm: Udoka's like that annoying kid
that if you tell him something, he'll do the opposite. tell him to
shoot Pop!
[Jose_TheGenius] 10:43 pm: Udoka is like a sickness, once he
starts sucking, everyone forgets how to play

look at Yao, imagine
waking up to that in the morning
With 26 points on 4 of 4 shots from distance in only 20 minutes of PT. Efficient eviceration.
Wolves' fan: ginobili vs. the wolves is like he's just kind of laughing to himself all game...kind of like he thinks it's cute that they're trying to play basketball.
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