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The question was this:
Originally Posted by Doctor K
Can anyone tell me why Russell is ranked higher than Duncan in these rankings?

Duncan, like Russell, will always be known as a winner. He has been past the 1st round each year and every year his team has won over 50 games. He has 4 championships in the present era (30+ teams), while Russell has 11 in the 50s/60s (6-12 teams?). Duncan also never had the teammates of russell.

Duncan also a great defender, and actually a very strong inside player on the offensive end, russell wasn't.

People bring up Russell and his winning and sacrificing, well Duncan is the same in terms of sacrificing stats for the wins, but brings it all the time on both ends of the floor.

So they why is russell still higher than duncan?
The answer was this:

Originally Posted by Cabbage
Eleven Championships>Four Championships.
And this:

Originally Posted by ScolaFan
That's the first thing that came to my mind!

Sooo that means Tim 4 > Kobe 3 > Wade 1 > Lebron 0.

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