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Sears oil change...SO ANGRY!!!

My wife had her oil changed at a Sears Auto center the other day. She's been complaining that when she runs the vent that it smells like exhaust or burning smell. It gives her a headache & makes her nauseated. Me being the insensitive person I am, I thought she was having symptoms of being pregnant. So, I drive the car tonight to get her gas & there's the smell. I thought it was just oil on the engine that should burn off, but I figured that I should lift the hood & check. TO my shock...The idiots forgot to put the oil cap back on the motor. Now there is oil all over the engine. I really know nothing about cars, but after I lifted the hood I immediately noticed the cap missing. Oh so pissed!!! It's too late tonight to do anything about it, but tomorrow I'm going down there & they are going to clean the oil off the engine. That's for damn sure. So, wish me luck & don't go to Sears for an oil change.

Here's a few photos

Opned the hood

Here's what I found

Where I found the cap
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