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Whoever likes "Watchmen" has something wrong with them. I just watched that piece of crap and wasted two hours and forty minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Besides Jackie Early Haley (whose great as always) and Billy Crudup, the all-around acting sucks, hard. Plus the fact that they make Richard Nixon look like Pinnochio with that nose. The plotting is such a mess, the movie was twice as long as it should've been. I didn't feel any ounce of feeling or connection to one of the characters, I couldn't care less if one of them got killed in some grisly and unjust way. That was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life, plus the fact that after I got out of the movie, my car almost got towed by two rip-off hacks who "let us off" (aka made some backhand money) for parking completely legally in a shopping center, but apparently my car and my friends car were "getting complaints" out of the fricken 100 or so cars in the lot.

So all in all, tonight was a great night.
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